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2030-10-19 11:36 am

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My stories range all over the map ratings-wise, so be sure you're reading something you want to read. :)

Fandoms include The Lord of the Rings, The Faculty, Star Trek (TOS and AOS), and Penny Dreadful.

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2017-07-23 09:31 pm
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Hello, ladies...

Here's a nice collection of pictures of Josh, including some I hadn't seen before.


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2017-07-10 09:33 pm

Great. Just great.

Photobucket has decided, out of the blue, to hold all their users' photos for ransom. They're now demanding $400 a year for third-party hosting rights, i.e., the ability to post a link to a photo on their site and have the picture itself show up, not just a link. This for literally billions of photos. With no warning whatsoever. What is it with companies just shitting on users' heads like this out of nowhere?

So now I have to go through my accounts and make sure I have copies of everything so I can host the pics elsewhere. Christ, what a pain in the ass. I wonder if this is going to be business as usual from now on - offer a free service, get everyone hooked on it for years, then hit them with exorbitant fees without warning, in hopes they'll bite. Nice.

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2017-06-27 12:10 pm

Three Drabbles - C/Z, R

From a prompt list.


The Pacific was so vast and deep and cold, it seemed like the world had fallen away into a watery darkness. Like the end of everything. But the sound slowly worked its way into Casey's skin, soft caressing sighs, over and over. The little cottage was a cocoon, and Aunt Jess had wrapped him first in a quilt, and then in her arms, and had let him cry it out, until he was quiet and calm. The sunlight was bright on the hillside, and Casey looked out over the blue, wondering how something that endless could ever have a beginning.


This is Zeke's favorite part. Getting off is great, an orgasm's always welcome, but this is what he fucking loves. The fast, hard movement, muscles working, his whole fucking body involved, every part of him obsessively caught in that slamming rhythm. He's not the best at initiating and he isn't much of a hugger, but this he can do – dive into flesh and keep going, feverish and amazed, tight grip and sweat and sound escaping his lips. This he can give, because he can't help giving it, and trust is far behind him, and fear is nowhere to be found.


It's fucking nasty. Casey finds the damn things everywhere - in the gravel of the driveway, on the floor of the boathouse, floating in the toilet, rubbed into the bedroom carpet. He even found one in the fucking pillowcase once. Shriveled little corpses, exuding the sour-sharp smell of pleasure ended, always sudden, that little stench. They reminded him of desiccated worms, discarded carapaces, corpses. Zeke just laughs at his jitters and pulls another one out of the pack, and then there's the taste of Zeke's mouth, dark and knifelike with that smoky tang.

Those butts are still nasty, though.

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2017-06-04 06:55 pm

Rain - C/Z, PG-13

This is another odd little one-off, unconnected to my other C/Z stories. I wrote this while I was feeling sad and despairing, though it is neither of those.

by Serai

Zeke's mouth left Casey's hot when he pulled away, and his face warm through the runnels of cold rain where his hands framed it as he looked down and laughed. The sudden downpour was nearly loud enough to wash away the sound of his delight, but Casey didn't move even though he froze and drowned in the goddamn rain, because this was all that mattered. This, my fucking lover and his fucking heart, and nothing else. Just that smile and that laugh and that kiss, and these hands clasping, and the sudden surety that there'd be sex very soon, and the feeling of it cementing and becoming life, just plain old ordinary life. And the torrent of rain, and the growing weight of his coat, and the silver running through Zeke's hair and beard, and the cobbles of the street leading to their house by the platz, it was all part of just life.

And if the wound was still there, the scar of having torn away from everything, that was life, too. This is worth it, Zeke had said. He'd taken Casey's hand and squeezed it at the sound of the engines growing louder and that feeling of pushing rush as the plane rose, and they ran. Ran like dogs. No, Casey had told himself, as he still tells himself, you're not running. You're being chased. It still hurt, it always would, but now things were good and hot and Zeke had lost the bitterness and anger he'd carried with him all his life, and what did that mean but that this was worth it, all of it? Maybe it means you never belonged at all, he thinks. Maybe so, but maybe in not belonging there, he'd been led to the place where he did.

The rain came down even harder, and with a barely heard yell, Zeke grabbed his hand and then they were scurrying through the cold and the wet, laughing. A doorway, shelter, arms under jackets, another kiss. Fuck the U.S., Casey thought, as Zeke's breath moved hot over his cheek. Maybe someday they'd be welcome there again, but for now, this was all the home they'd ever need.

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2017-05-26 07:25 pm

*plumps pillow* "Tease" - C/Z, PG-13

My first post at DW! Hello!

This is for [personal profile] addie71, on the occasion of her birthday. (The title is a prompt from a drabble box, and will probably change eventually.)


Casey kept his gaze down as his feet crunched through the light snow, his breath puffing crystalline, and smiled to himself at the sound of Mother's engine as the GTO roared off into the night. The taste of Zeke's mouth, with that dusty tobacco tang, was still on his, and he'd almost reached the back gate when he looked up and stopped with a painful start - Claire Stanton leaned against the jamb of the back fence gate, smoking a cigarette. A wicked smile curled her lips as she looked past him at the receding taillights, and then down at his flushed face. She'd always reminded him of Shelley Winters, especially in that Lolita movie. Maybe that was the reason he'd never trusted her - she had an air of knowing everyone's secrets that put him on edge.

And with that knowing look, she pushed away from the gate and leaned her face towards his. Feeling a thread of panic, Casey almost pulled back, but Claire only sniffed lightly at his hair and neck, then straightened up, looking like a cat with a canary under its paw.

"Casey," she purred, shaking her head. Then she took a long drag off her cigarette and leaning in again, blew the smoke in a thin stream over the front of his shirt and up over his hair. Straightening up, her smile was softer.

"Lucky for you I decided I needed a smoke," she said. She took his chin lightly in her hand, and Casey had to clamp down to keep from trembling. She moved her thumb gently near his lips. "So," she said, and a dark grey roar filled his head at her next question, "is he a good kisser?"

Oh god, oh fuck me, his brain stammered and stuck there, fear chittering like an insect behind his eyes. He managed to stay still, he didn't know how but he did. He could feel his skin burning, but the air was biting cold so maybe that wasn't so suspicious. More it was that look in her eye, like she knew exactly what was going on. Goddammit, Connor, he thought desperately, you had one job to do.

He opened his mouth, not knowing what he could say. Not like this, he thinks, terrified at the humiliation of being exposed by his mother's friend ten feet from the kitchen door. But Claire gave a little laugh, let go of his chin, and instead stroked his hair from his forehead with her fingertips.

"My brother fell in love when he was seventeen," she whispered. "He had to leave town because of it. I haven't seen him in twenty years." She smiled sadly and touched the tip of his nose. "Your secret's safe with me, Casey."

Rigid from the effort of keeping calm, he let out a long breath and closed his eyes. "Thank you," he murmured, opening his eyes, and suddenly he was sorry he ever mistrusted this woman, with her candy-hard shell that turned out to hide a butter-soft heart. Just like Shelley Winters. "Claire, I -" he began, but she shook her head and shushed him.

"I just hope he treats you right," she said. "Go on inside now." Casey ducked his head and walked into the yard, headed for the back door, "and Casey?" he stopped.

A huff as she blew smoke out. "You let me know if he doesn't." Casey held his breath, thrown off for a moment by the feel of someone he hardly even knew having his back. After a moment, he nodded, and went inside.

Chapter 43 of High Contrast

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2016-12-27 01:58 pm

Just in case

I'm Serai at AO3.

I'm not sure about Dreamwidth. I got an account there a while back but have never used it. But I still get the membership emails, so my space is still there. I'm either Serai or Serai1 there.

Are there any other LJ clones still around? I really like the LJ setup but I don't know if any of the clones have survived. If so, I'd like to set one up there. So if anyone knows, please say!

Any other ideas? Some of you have my email.

*sigh* Going back to saving pages now. Damn, I wish I'd made this a habit.

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2016-12-27 12:07 pm

RIP, Your Worshipfulness!

Carrie Fisher


Drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra.

Thank you, honey. Thank you so much.

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2016-12-27 11:47 am

(no subject)

Is anyone having trouble posting? The update page is completely borked here. I get no response at all to any html coding - it just comes out as text with no commands obeyed. And there's no security settings - I can't set an entry to private or friends only, and the edit page has the same problems. And the icon picker doesn't work at all, so I have no access to any userpics other than the default.

Is anyone else seeing this? It's not a browser thing, it's LJ. Anyone?
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2016-12-25 09:25 am

(no subject)

I posted my entry in [ profile] aliensouldream's Yuletide Cheer challenge last night, in case y'all didn't see it. It's here:

Unexpected - Casey misses Zeke on Christmas Eve.


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2016-12-24 10:14 pm

Unexpected - Z/C, NC-17


Merry Christmas, everyone!

This is for [ profile] aliensouldream, who requested Christmas fics. Didn't think I'd make it, but I did!

Prompt: It came without ribbons! It came without tags! It came without packages, boxes or bags!



The glass of his bedroom window is frosty, and it bites Casey's skin where he leans his forehead. It's supposed to snow again tomorrow. Claire Stanton's cackle comes echoing up the hallway stairs outside his room, and Casey closes his eyes. Man, he hates that woman. Why do his parents keep inviting her every year? He closes his eyes, wishing... )


Chapter 42 of High Contrast

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2016-12-24 10:03 am

(no subject)

Many thanks to [ profile] shirebound and [ profile] yeuxdebleu for the lovely holiday cards!

And of course, to [ profile] knittedmerry the Magnificent (and [ profile] knittedpippin!) for the wonderful card. It's so lovely to hear from Your Splendiferous Self again, KM! I hope you're all doing well. Please pass a hug along to KnittedFrodo And KnittedSam!

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2016-12-23 06:26 pm

(no subject)

GODDAMMIT, 2016!!!

That was NOT funny!!!

Jesus fucking CHRIST, what the hell is WRONG with you???
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2016-12-21 11:15 pm
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For [ profile] gabi_fics, on the occasion of her birthday.


With a grin, Zeke reaches out to his boy. "Need a hand?"

Casey snorts. "I think I've got it." Setting his grip, he pulls himself up and over.

"Whoa," Zeke laughs, grabbing Casey's wrist as he nearly overbalances. "Watch out."

A soft laugh. "Kinda frisky," Casey murmurs.

"Stallions are like that," Zeke answers, and licks his lips.

"Yeah?" Casey says. He leans down, pressing with his knees to keep in place, feeling strong hot muscles twitching beneath them, and kisses Zeke. "Never ridden another one, you know."

"I better not hear otherwise," Zeke answers softly. "Okay, come on." Casey straightens up. "Got your balance?" Casey nods. Looking up at him, Zeke feels the urge to sigh. "You are so fucking sexy right now," he almost groans.

"If I am, it's 'cause of you," Casey tells him, his eyes intent and eager.

"Babe," Zeke whispers, and then slaps him on the thigh. "Come on, let's see what you've got."

In response he gets a wicked grin as Casey leans forward and, grabbing a fistful of mane, bears down and slams into the saddle. Zeke throws his head back, bucking up into the air at the sense of tight, gripping heat, and with a shudder and a cry, they take off.

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2016-12-20 01:03 pm
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Fic prompt fun!

This headline leaped out at me on Yahoo, and I thought it would make a great fanfic prompt:

Zeke's celebration dumbfounded Salvation Army executives: "When he jumped in it we were so excited!"

I have no idea what one would do with that, but I thought I'd toss it out there in case it sparks something, LOL!