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Saturday, October 19th, 2030 11:36 am
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My stories range all over the map ratings-wise, so be sure you're reading something you want to read. :)

Fandoms include The Lord of the Rings, The Faculty, Star Trek (TOS and AOS), and Penny Dreadful.


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Monday, September 4th, 2017 12:09 pm
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Good Goddess, music is so powerful. I'm listening to an ambient music track on YT, and it segued from an orchestral tune to Elrond's Prophecy. And just like that, I was sobbing. I mean, within ten seconds of hearing the first note.



Saturday, August 6th, 2016 12:25 pm
serai: A kiss between Casey Connor and Zeke Tyler (DuchovnyLaugh)
Found this on a comment board today:

The morning dawned clear and bright, and Gandalf rose early to walk along the terraces and slopes above the loud-flowing Bruinen. The rising sun shone pale and wan through the silver mist, and the webs of the spiders glistened among the trees. On a small bench beside the path he came upon Elrond, who rose to greet him.

“Fine is the morning and fortunate the meeting, O Mithrandir! Long have I sat here contemplating the paths that lie before us, and now find myself in need of sustenance. I have in my cool-rooms a hoard of stone-fruits from Gondolin, which I would gladly share with you.”

“Many years has it been,” replied Gandalf, “since I have tasted the stone-fruits of Gondolin. They grow now but sparsely among the fallen stones of that once fair city.”

Elrond rose and led the way to his cool-rooms, which stood in a shadowed corner of the Last Homely House, sheltered from the sunlight by the high walls of the building around them. There he kept many foods from all over Middle-Earth, cooled by great blocks of ice carried down from the Misty mountains.

The thick stone door of the cool-rooms stood ajar. Elrond and Gandalf entered to find Pippin seated on a wooden chest, wiping his mouth with his handkerchief. Beside him lay a small pile of fruit-stones, the last traces of golden flesh still clinging to them.

“Hullo, Gandalf! Hullo, Elrond! I just popped in here for a little something to eat. It’s a long time yet to breakfast, and waiting is hungry work, as my gaffer always says.”

Elrond stood still within the doorway, but Gandalf strode forward. “Gluttonous fool of a Took! You have eaten the stone-fruits of Gondolin, which we had preserved in the cool-room for our breakfast!”

“Forgive me,” cried the hobbit, cringing before the wizard’s wrath. “They were so sweet and so cold that I could hardly resist them!”

Points if you get the originating reference. :)


One Kiss

Thursday, December 24th, 2015 11:52 pm
serai: A kiss between Casey Connor and Zeke Tyler (Yule Frodo)
A repost for the holiday.

One Kiss - Sam accompanies his Master to Brandy Hall for Yule.

This was originally written for the [ profile] hobbit_smut community. I thought it was about time I posted it here. :)

One Kiss
by Serai

The music's gone quiet now. Just a lone voice singing gently out in the snow beyond the windows. Likely a tipsy lass singing to her smitten lad. Makes me smile to hear it, it does. Mingled in with the sweet voice is the tiny silver of bells on some departing guest's pony. It's been a wondrous day... )

Lovely Fro

Sunday, November 29th, 2015 11:36 am
serai: A kiss between Casey Connor and Zeke Tyler (TakeMe)
Hhhokay. So.

When I went to DuckDuckGo to find the right pic of Elijah for my Thanksgiving post yesterday, I came across this:

and stopped dead in my tracks. I've never seen this pic before. Isn't it lovely?


In other news... )
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Am currently watching Elijah's fabulously ridiculous zombie apocalypse film, Cooties.

AHAHAHAAAA. This thing is every shade of fucked up. Elijah must have had a ball doing it. I really love the inside jokes about his films. The LOTR reference was right out there on the nose, but the Faculty references are a bit more subtle.

Me? No! I don't do brave things!

I fell out at that one. And the stalking through the halls sequence - I'm sure Zeke would've been very happy to have that golf-ball launcher. It's just too fucking funny.

Gotta love movies written by fanbois.

Ending Spoiler! )

By the by...

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015 05:36 pm
serai: A kiss between Casey Connor and Zeke Tyler (HolyShit)
I would like to assert that I have no problem whatsoever with the way PJ handled the whole "Frodo and the Black Riders" thing, so please don't take that little ficlet as any kind of implication in that regard. I still maintain that what looks good on the page doesn't necessarily look good on the screen, and I agree with his reasons for changing the scene.

Carry on.

serai: A kiss between Casey Connor and Zeke Tyler (CaseyZeke)

For the Birthday...


"Are you shitting me?"


"You've actually read this?" Casey's holding up Zeke's ancient, water-stained copy of The Lord of the Rings.

"I was bored at camp and it was the only book around." Zeke sounds annoyed. "What's the big deal?"

"I dunno," Casey replies, thumbing the browned pages... )
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So I'm thinking about [ profile] keye, whose birthday is today, and what a surprise it was when she showed up in the LOTR hobbit fandom. We had known each other as part of KCRL, the Keanu site run by my friend Cat. She posted on my Keanu message board (yes, Virginia, this is back when people had message boards).

I really miss that board. It was hosted at a place called, and they provided customizable boards. It was the old fashioned threaded format, but you had full control over the layout and appearance. You could up load background pics, set up picture sections, etc. It was great. I had a Daily Pic thing going, where I would post a picture near the top of the board along with a quote from a piece of poetry, and so would post a whole poem over a number of days, with pics to match. (Ended up making a photobook of those pic/poem posts, a really nice one, that I gave away as gifts one year.)

So [ profile] keye was one of the people who wandered into that board. So interesting to see someone from a former fandom show up over here. She went back to lurking some time ago, and is one of those people I'm sorry to have lost again.

*waves* If you're still here, hon, hope you're doing well!


Sunday, May 17th, 2015 11:28 am
serai: A kiss between Casey Connor and Zeke Tyler (Writer)

This was written a long time ago. Like a lot of what I post, it was part of something bigger that never panned out. I've no title for it yet.

It’s been five days, and Frodo is nearly mad. The constant voices, whispering or arguing or bullying him about. Never a moment’s peace in which he might pick up his pen and continue his writing. He stands at the window looking out on the sunlit fields, trying not to dwell on the work that must be put away for now. “It won’t be long,” he tells himself, and “the past will always be there,” while his fingers ache with the words trapped in them, and the desire to let them out.

Late that night, he comes upon Sam in the hall. They smile at each other, and Frodo sees that his friend is tired. "Well, Sam," he says quietly, "you've turned another corner."

"Aye, so it seems." His hand resting on the knob of his door, Sam asks, "How are you faring, Master?"

Waving a hand and shaking his head, Frodo answers, "Oh, I'm alright. I'm alright." The gesture is poignant to Sam. If Frodo only knew, he'd be startled at how much he resembled Bilbo just then.

Sam smiles. "Then I'll say goodnight, sir." He grips the knob, and then as though plunging into water, he blurts out, "Thank you, sir, for all you've done for us. For Rosie and me."

Frodo is puzzled, and then replies "No, Sam," and shakes his head. "It is only my thanks to you. Were it ten times more, it would not be enough. You know not what a comfort it is to me to see you so."

"Now you sound like Strider, beggin' your pardon," Sam chuckles. "Sleep well then, Master," the new father says as he opens the door.

"Good night, Sam," Frodo answers, and when the hall is dark, he stands still, listening to the silence.
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Hi, folks!

I've added a couple of items to my selling post again. Today I've got two page-a-day LOTR calendars here, Verlyn Flieger's scholarly Tolkien book, Splintered Light here, and for those of you into classic films, a lovely photobook from Japan all about that beautiful lady, Audrey Hepburn here. (Look to the bottom of the section at each link for the items.)

Take a look if you're interested, and please pass the links to anyone you know who might want to see, as well. I'll be posting more tomorrow. Thanks all!

LOTR books

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 04:46 pm
serai: A kiss between Casey Connor and Zeke Tyler (HobbitHug)
Hey, everyone!

Today I've added some LOTR movie books to my selling page. These are all in brand new condition. I bought them, put them on my shelf, and they've been there ever since. I don't think I even opened some of them!

The prices vary from $20 (for a big hardback) to $8.50. Please take a look and see if any of them would go well in your collections. They're over here. And please let others know about my sale too. I really need the exposure, thanks!

I'll be adding more stuff tomorrow!
serai: A kiss between Casey Connor and Zeke Tyler (HobbitHug)
Hi, everyone!

I've added a few more items to my selling post - a couple of posters and magazines from Japan, of Elijah, Orlando, and the LOTR cast, and the issue of Flaunt Magazine that featured Elijah. These are all in wonderful condition and quite gorgeous. I'll be putting them up on eBay tomorrow evening, so take a look now and snag them if you like.

I've pinned my selling post to the top of my LJ, so if you want to see these lovely things, just go to my main page and look at the post - the new items are under the cut marked "Actor Items".

serai: A kiss between Casey Connor and Zeke Tyler (FrodoInLorien)
Hi, everyone!

I'm updating my selling post with two items today: an LOTR Lorien mallorn cloak pin, and a really cute Mickey Mouse tank top. The pin is an original sterling silver piece, the kind that came out when the films debuted (not one of the cheap knockoffs you see around), meant to be worn with the beautiful elven cloaks. The tank tap is a soft gray material, with a glittery Mickey Mouse print. If you're interested, take a look at my post!

I'm close to making my goal, so I'm hoping you'll spread the word if you haven't already. Have a good evening, everyone!
serai: A kiss between Casey Connor and Zeke Tyler (HobbitHug)
Today I've got a really cute little item. It's a set of 6 LOTR postcards designed by a Japanese fan artist. (I think the artist is Little Ones.) They were originally bound together as a calendar, each postcard having a little calendar strip at the top with two months in it. The backs are printed with the usual postcard separations for text and address, and the calendar strips can be cut off so the card can be mailed. They are sweet and funny pics of hobbits and the Fellowship. If you're interested, please take a look over at my selling post. They're in the section "Doujinshi and other fanart".
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More Oscar ads, this time really big ones. Take a look!

Frodo portraits!

Sunday, December 8th, 2013 12:58 pm
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I've updated again, with three large-format portrait photos of Frodo. These were put out by New Line Pictures at the time of FOTR and 2T. 10"x15", big and beautiful!
serai: A kiss between Casey Connor and Zeke Tyler (GladYoureWithMe)

Today I'm updating my selling post with a collection of Oscar ads for LOTR, from Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. These were trade industry journal -only ads, which appeared for one day each, back when the films were being considered for Oscars. I've just added a group of 8½"x11" ads (under the section "LOTR Oscar Ads") and will be adding a bigger group of 11"x14" ads - those will be even more spectacular. :)

So take a look and see if there's anything you like. And pimp this addition if you can, because there's some really gorgeous there, and more on its way. (FYI, this icon is from one of the ads.)
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I've posted two interesting little collectible items at my selling post. They're a small metal penny bank and pencil holder. I got them at ORC back in the day, and they're really cute. The bank is a Legolas item, and the pencil holder is Legolas & Gimli (or Legolas/Gimli, if that's your idea of a good time.)

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