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Saturday, October 19th, 2030 11:36 am
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Oh, for fuck's sake

Friday, June 24th, 2016 10:36 am
serai: A kiss between Casey Connor and Zeke Tyler (Ethan Sorry Not Sorry)
The latest on the PD fiasco, and I'm hating Logan even more now. Turns out the reason they quit is the ONE reason nobody would have been pissed off about, and it is this:

Eva couldn't take it anymore.

Back in the middle of season TWO, she told them she wouldn't go past season three. WHY DIDN'T THEY SAY ANYTHING??? "No, she must be FORCED to go on!" is a thing no PD fan would say EVER.

If they'd only told everyone at the start of season three, "This is our last season. Our leading lady isn't up to being bashed around and required to rip herself open every episode anymore. We've worked hard on this last season, so everybody give her a big hand!" THAT would have been the way to handle it, and all the fans would have said "Well, DUH. Not surprising she wants out!" And we all would have been weepy and then gotten into the third season.

But this bullshit of LYING over and over - it turns out she refused to continue to the SEVENTH proposed season, not five, not six, certainly NOT three - only pissed everyone off and ruined the ending for most of us. Had we known what was coming, had we known WHY, I think most everyone would have accepted, with grace good or ill.

*sigh* Why do Hollywood people have to be so goddamn STUPID?

ETA: The most damning bit is that the series ended not just because Eva couldn't go on, but subsequently because Logan couldn't think of a way to continue without her. Really, dude? Okay, bullshit again, because either you just admitted you're a really lousy writer (with all those other characters, there was NO WAY to continue?) or you just flat out quit because you didn't feel like doing it without that character. Either way, you clearly don't realize you just told us you're a dick.

But we knew that already..


Sunday, June 19th, 2016 11:54 pm
serai: A kiss between Casey Connor and Zeke Tyler (Tremble)

So I WAS right, after all. Now on to the last episode...

I so hope the show gets renewed. Looks like it has a good chance, despite not being a ratings powerhouse. It's a prestige project, so it's got legs. We shall see...

ETA: Well, that answers that. Not real happy here. *sigh*


(no subject)

Friday, June 17th, 2016 05:51 pm
serai: A kiss between Casey Connor and Zeke Tyler (Tremble)
This makes less sense to me the more I think about it. Ethan really seems to think everything's over. Has it slipped his mind that in about two weeks, he's due to rip a lot of people's throats out? I would have thought the last place he'd want to go is a city teeming with thousands of people. Why isn't he loading up on supplies and taking off into the hills? Going off in search of that lonely death he said he was bound for? Is his lycanthropy somehow tied to his war with his father? If it is, why hasn't anything been said about that? If it isn't, what the fuck, Ethan?

Seriously, this left turn in motivation feels very strange. It's out of character for Ethan. How has he suddenly forgotten his own evil? Yes, yes, Vanessa baby, but come on! He's exposing her to his demon as well. Is his lovesickness that much more important to him? Or is this some kind of mad flush, a murder version of afterglow? Does he just Not Fucking Care?

Come to think of it, this whole season throws his attitude about himself into a new light. I had assumed that Ethan's tortured nature, his self-loathing, came from being a werewolf. But seeing what actually went down in his family, and looking at him now, makes me wonder whether the fact that he's been ripping his way through humanity even bothers him particularly. (And he already hated himself before he knew he was a werewolf. Hm.) I still think he sees himself as a Murder Demon, but he may have had a completely different kind of demon in mind, with the wolf more as and on top of all that, I got this shit here...

I really hope they deal with this before the end of the season. Not necessarily to resolve anything, but at the least to acknowledge the issue, because it's kind of huge. Ethan is the only character whose central identity hasn't been explained, and what we've seen so far this year has only dealt with part of him, but not the part that's been presented as foremost in the story. He fucking massacres people, unavoidably, like clockwork. No matter what else is going on in his story, that's major, and it's hard to see how it's something he can just blow off.


(no subject)

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016 09:53 pm
serai: A kiss between Casey Connor and Zeke Tyler (EthanSnow)
So is anyone else starting to wonder if we're ever going to find out how Ethan became a werewolf?

serai: A kiss between Casey Connor and Zeke Tyler (EthanProtector)
Here's a neat little snippet of Josh talking Ethan and his Daddy issues...

And here's another, about filming Ethan's story in Spain.

And a half hour interview with Josh about Season 3.


Yum... Enjoy!

P.S. Is anyone else as amused by that hat as I am? I keep thinking for Father Guido Sarducci...

serai: A kiss between Casey Connor and Zeke Tyler (EthanSnow)
I have last night's PD episode, so if anyone would like me to upload it, just leave a comment here. :)

ETA: Found another pretty Ethan pic. Enjoy!

And another!

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Eagerly awaiting tonight's Penny Dreadful. Looks like we'll get an Ethan-centric tale this time. *licks chops*

(WHEN is he gonna peel down again? I miss seeing that fine, fine hotness going about its business. *makes grabby hands*)


I didn't even know they'd done a new version until a few days ago. Seriously, take a look at this:

Does that not look awesome? The guy they got to play Kinte is thirty-eight kinds of dreamy, and the production values are excellent. Am loving the fact that it looks like they're emphasizing Kinte's Muslimness, which was played down in the original series. THAT should get the wingnuts in a froth! And how perfect is casting Rhys Meyers as a slave owner? I GIVE IT A TEN THAT'S HOW PERFECT. That guy always comes off as a nasty little weasel to me. This just looks fucking great.

Did I mention that Kinte is fucking gorgeous? BECAUSE HE IS.

Tonight's PD episode

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016 11:07 pm
serai: A kiss between Casey Connor and Zeke Tyler (Tremble)





Oh well, looks like they're gonna make up for it next week.


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Last night, I went over to to see what the title of Sunday's PD episode was, and discovered the hilarious photo recaps being done on their PD community. Really funny, and filled with great nonlolcats. I grabbed a bunch for myself because they make AWESOME comment thread pics. So I thought I'd share.

Ethan haz a mad:

Also a sad:

Plus, it's getting near dinnertime:

Like? There's plenty more... )

Enough with the snark. Here are some pics that just yummy:

Ooo, baby... )

Last but not least, a couple of .gifs:

Yeah, I thought that'd get your attention... )

So, hope you can all find uses for these. I'm having fun posting them on forums, myself. Enjoy!


Surprise fan theory

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016 01:40 am
serai: A kiss between Casey Connor and Zeke Tyler (EthanSnow)
Okay, been mulling some over the latest episode of Penny Dreadful, and here are some thoughts.

SPOILERS if you haven't seen all the eps so far... )
serai: A kiss between Casey Connor and Zeke Tyler (EthanSnow)
In the premiere episode of PD last week, did anyone else notice the change in Ethan's tone once his daddy's boys plucked him from the train? Up til then, as he was traveling, he looked kind of drawn in and apprehensive - clearly he was anticipating his next fit, which should be due pretty soon, seeing as some time's past since the last one. But once he woke up from being tolchocked on the head, he shifted to being rather amused. I could almost hear him thinking, "Oh, I'm gonna kill you? That's alright, then." He starts out tensed up about killing innocent people, and then seems almost relieved when he realizes he's gonna carve up a bunch of assholes!

I love that Josh decided to play it that way. I love this show. The sense of humor is fierce.

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Haven't seen this posted yet, so...

The cast of Penny Dreadful talk about Season 3

Damn, how'd that plate of sliced tomatoes get under my ass all of a sudden?

I do miss Ethan's mane, though. *sigh*

serai: A kiss between Casey Connor and Zeke Tyler (EthanProtector)

Penny Dreadful - Season 3 Trailer

Five months, five months, FIVE FUCKING MONTHS!!!
serai: A kiss between Casey Connor and Zeke Tyler (VincentReading)

The Raven - Edgar Allan Poe, read by Sir Christopher Lee

The glorious tones of Lee's dark, commanding voice. Has anyone ever had such a richly deep voice, so wondrously evocative of a world half-seen, feared and desired? *sigh*

I went looking for this because I was thinking that the Raven is really the only figure I can think of from American dark literature of the right period for Penny Dreadful, and that would be recognizable in the same way that Frankenstein and Dracula are. Sadly, the number of people who would get it would be fewer. (Though arguably, they're already watching it.) I was and still am gently amused by the fact that, in order to bring an American character into the series, Logan had to turn to the world of cinema, the true storytelling of the US, for good or ill. I just find that delicious.

serai: A kiss between Casey Connor and Zeke Tyler (EthanProtector)
So I'm rewatching Penny Dreadful, since the Season 2 DVDs are coming from Netflix, and discovering nuances I hadn't seen before, and one of them I'm finding more and more amusing the longer I think about it.

It was in watching the episode where SPOILERS DAMMIT )


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