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Looking up Josh's page on Wikipedia, I was struck by the following:

His father is of half Irish (Dingle peninsula) and half German ancestry, and his mother is of Swedish and Norwegian descent.

My first reaction on reading that?

Holy shit, this guy is really, really WHITE.

I mean, I thought Cumberbatch was white, but Josh is a fucking cornucopia of eggshell. Damn.

Now, this is not a complaint, mind you. I've always had a terrible weakness for pretty gringos. I'll let the Black Girls from Hair explain the appeal:

White Boys - Hair

White boys are so pretty, skin as smooth as milk
White boys are so pretty, hair like shiny silk
White boys give me goosebumps, white boys give me chills
When they touch my shoulder, that's the touch that kills...

White boys are so groovy, white boys are so tough
Every time they're near me, just can't get enough
White boys are so pretty, white boys are so sweet
White boys drive me crazy, drive me indiscreet
White boys are so sexy, legs so long and lean
Love those sprayed-on trousers, love the love machine...

White boys are so lovely, beautiful as girls
Love to run my fingers and toes through all their curls
Give me a tall, a lean, a sexy, a pretty, a groovy, a juicy
White boy...

Oh yeah. Give me a tall drink of water with deep, pretty eyes and a mouth that won't quit. Mm, hm...oh, yeah.

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