Sunday, August 30th, 2015

Town & Country

Sunday, August 30th, 2015 06:48 pm
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Okay. So, in my quest to see everything Josh has done, I just got finished watching Town & Country.

Oh. My. God.

Christ in a sidecar. With a helmet and goggles. Holy shit, I'm impressed. Seriously. I didn't think a movie could suck like that. Just...OH.

Sidebar here: Why does anyone make movies with Warren Beatty? Honestly, I don't understand this. When was the last time you heard a movie he made didn't suck? The guy's been riding on his rep from fourty years ago for decades now, and people just keep falling for it. I don't know, maybe he's really fun to work with? But I've sure never heard that about him; in fact, just the opposite - he's supposed to be utterly maddening.

Anyway, this one stayed absolutely true to form. Oh my god, just deeply painful almost from the first moment. (Almost. The first couple of minutes, I was thinking, "Hm, this isn't so bad. A little stilted, but it is one of those Rich White People comedies, so....NOPE. OH MY FUCKING GOD, IT SUCKS." It really was that abrupt.) Holy shit, it's bad.

And totally not worth it if you're looking to see Josh's part. It's exactly the part you'd think he got - Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton's son - and it's miniscule. There are only two reasons to dig out this turkey for Josh: one is the sight of him in a tux (UNF), and the other is about ten seconds of Wild Sex Noises coming from behind a closed door. (Josh's Wild Sex Noises are really quite fetching, as I'm sure you'll all agree.) Those two things together, while not making the film at all good in any way, did make me stop regretting the time I wasted. And it really wasn't that much time. Since I figured Josh was going to be in the scenes that take place at the family home (I was right, for the most part), it was easy enough to just skip all the inane crap and badly written farce dialogue. Even so, most of it is just forgettable.

Verdict: Josh is very cute, but completely wasted, and not in a good way. Awful, awful movie that tanked several actors' careers for a while. If you're really desperate, don't let me stop you, but I'd recommend another viewing of August, myself.
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So Wes Craven died today. Most people know him for his work in horror films, but I was never into those. I'll always remember him for his work with the 80's version of The Twilight Zone. Just like the original, it was a hit-and-miss affair, but when it was good, it kicked serious ass. Craven directed several episodes, some of the best in the series, including this one.


Herein you can see the very first segment of that series, a dramatization of Harlan Ellison's short story Shatterday starring an almost unknown Bruce Willis. This was a lot of people's first glimpse of the man, including me. It's miles away from his usual wiseacre persona, certainly from David Addison, the smartass detective he'd play for several seasons on Moonlighting, and the blueprint for so many of his performances after. Here he's uptight, paranoid, and spiralling slowly into madness. An interesting performance handled in an interesting way by Craven. I especially like the focus on keeping the main character in a tight visual box, emphasizing the concept of being shut in and cut off.

RIP, for a talented artist.

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