Friday, November 25th, 2016 06:51 pm
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Here's some pics of the dishes I made for Thanksgiving:

Tomato pie:


Italian Cream Cake:

which was served with Sugar-Sprinkled Starfruit:


I didn't get a pic of the potatoes, but they just looked like mashed potatoes. :)

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Frodo's back to normal today. Yelling for his food and all. I'm glad the butter didn't do him ill. I was concerned, 'cause he was acting really STONED last night. But it does not seem to have set him back, so I'll just have to be careful not to leave butter out where he can get it.


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Pumpkin and I were hanging out in my bedroom, looking at jewelry. Finally she declared we had to go to the kitchen and see if the butter we'd put out had softened enough to make the oatmeal raisin cookies we'd planned.

Can you see where this is going?

That's right. When we got there, we found Frodo on the kitchen counter, working his way through the stick of butter he'd torn open. He'd eaten HALF of it by the time we got there. I grabbed the butter away, tossed it in the trash and scolded him, shaking a finger at him and telling him he was VERY VERY BAD. He just glared at me, licking butter off his whiskers. So we realized we'd have to postpone the cookie making until tomorrow, as I don't have any other butter that isn't frozen.

Now, six hours later, he's curled up on the sofa where he's been since then. He's very quiet, he didn't want any dinner, and he hasn't moved much, just dozing. He doesn't want to get up, he just wants to lie there. I've checked him - his stomach is soft and not swollen, his nose is cold, and he just seems to have a stomachache. That's what you get when you overindulge! I just hope he won't end up pooping some slimy mess outside the litterbox.

Stupid cat.



Saturday, August 6th, 2016 12:25 pm
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Found this on a comment board today:

The morning dawned clear and bright, and Gandalf rose early to walk along the terraces and slopes above the loud-flowing Bruinen. The rising sun shone pale and wan through the silver mist, and the webs of the spiders glistened among the trees. On a small bench beside the path he came upon Elrond, who rose to greet him.

“Fine is the morning and fortunate the meeting, O Mithrandir! Long have I sat here contemplating the paths that lie before us, and now find myself in need of sustenance. I have in my cool-rooms a hoard of stone-fruits from Gondolin, which I would gladly share with you.”

“Many years has it been,” replied Gandalf, “since I have tasted the stone-fruits of Gondolin. They grow now but sparsely among the fallen stones of that once fair city.”

Elrond rose and led the way to his cool-rooms, which stood in a shadowed corner of the Last Homely House, sheltered from the sunlight by the high walls of the building around them. There he kept many foods from all over Middle-Earth, cooled by great blocks of ice carried down from the Misty mountains.

The thick stone door of the cool-rooms stood ajar. Elrond and Gandalf entered to find Pippin seated on a wooden chest, wiping his mouth with his handkerchief. Beside him lay a small pile of fruit-stones, the last traces of golden flesh still clinging to them.

“Hullo, Gandalf! Hullo, Elrond! I just popped in here for a little something to eat. It’s a long time yet to breakfast, and waiting is hungry work, as my gaffer always says.”

Elrond stood still within the doorway, but Gandalf strode forward. “Gluttonous fool of a Took! You have eaten the stone-fruits of Gondolin, which we had preserved in the cool-room for our breakfast!”

“Forgive me,” cried the hobbit, cringing before the wizard’s wrath. “They were so sweet and so cold that I could hardly resist them!”

Points if you get the originating reference. :)



Saturday, November 28th, 2015 04:24 pm
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Would you believe AO3 has no Fandom tag for Josh? Apparently I'm the first one to write a fic using his name as a fandom tag. (I posted my two photofics, Dump and Bright.) That really surprises me.

96 works I've got up and counting. Still really shocked by that number, by the way.

In other news, Thanksgiving was nice... )

As to being thankful? This year, I'm thankful to have sidled into a (somewhat) new fandom, with wonderful people who get it. You all are lovely, it's been so unexpected, and now I have to stop saying anything because I'm tearing up.

Love and hugs to all!

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...oh come, never come
Oh, come to me, beautiful rain...

-- Ladysmith Black Mombazo, Beautiful Rain

I've just spent a lovely 20 minutes sitting on my back steps, having a nice long smoke as I dig on the raindrops lacing my lemon tree like ropes of jewels.

Yes, we have RAIN!

At some point in the night, the sky opened up and we've been getting soaked since. The temp is coolish-warmish, which is very nice, and the air is full of that wet smell. It took a while to get Frodo to come in for his breakfast, because he so fucking hates to get wet, but once in he decided that's it for him, and is curled up on my bed doing his level best to forget the sky can even do that. (Casey, of course, didn't leave the house last night and so is now being annoyingly smug.)

I'm gonna cook up some bulgur for breakfast. That stuff is awesome. I've never been fond of oatmeal, so it's nice to find a cooked grain I can enjoy in the morning.

Am considering making some blackberry rugelach today, as I just got a tasty-looking jar of conserves at Trader Joe's. Since my brother's birthday was yesterday, I gotta make him a batch of cookies as my usual gift - baking comes in so handy when you've no money for gifts - so I'll take the opportunity to see if this stuff works for rugelach. I'm told I've gotten really good at making them. *buffs nails on lapel*

So begins the autumn.

Celebrate the Rain - Alice di Miceli


Saturday, September 12th, 2015 04:35 pm
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Just pulled a pair of galettes from the oven. These are a mix of peach, nectarine, and strawberry. I really like the look of these pies, and they're fun to make.

I will sit down to some bean stew and bread, with galette for dessert. Now if only this fucking weather would improve, but at least it's not roasting hot anymore.
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Geez, my stomach is going nuts. I've been so wrapped up in posting and commenting that I haven't eaten anything since early this morning. I suppose I ought to do something about that...
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Catching up with Jon and Stephen while enjoying a yummy bowl of pasta. Mmm...

Angel Hair Pasta with Walnut-Carrot Sauce )

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